Money and independence

I started working right after I finished school. I didn't have a slight impression of how much I was going to earn (because we never get what's on the paper!!). As a teen I was so excited to finally have my own money, for my own stuff, that I completely wasted my first salary (2 days job). Literally spent 100€ on clothing...

I wasn't going to college because I failed my exams, so that was pretty much all I was doing: working and wasting.

I had already quit looking for options but my mother kept trying to open my eyes, telling me life doesn't end there and that I had to move on and do my best to manage a better future.

That's what I did after a while of constantly hearing her saying the same things over and over again.

She gave me a huge push! She got me working for a part-time company who barely gives me any break with so many job offers! Now I'm working for almost an entire year in the same place, I started working in the morning and now I'm full-time.

But one day it clicked on my mind that this can't be it.

I made myself think: what do you like to do the most?
And that lead me to so many answers. I kept thinking which one I would like to work on and finally got my final answer: Web Design. I searched all over the internet for a course where I'd match all the requirements and now I'm working all day and going to school at night. Studying what I like makes it so much easier to just live each day, even tho it makes me exhausted.

This is an adventure that I wanted to share here because so many people think that if you fail at something you just won't be able to stand again. The truth is there's always a way.

I hope this was somehow helpful and/or interesting to read and hopefully I'll see you around!


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