Why did I make this blog?

So basically, this post is going to be about me just explaining the entire concept behind this blog.

I've recently started a YouTube channel: heyimsofs (if you're interested give it a look) where i just sit in front of a camera and speak from my heart whatever's on my mind. I've been giving it all that I can but the reason I don't post regularly (and that really bothers me and stops my growth) is that I work full time and I study at night .I spend the rest of my "free" hours in public transports going from home to work, to school, to home again and repeat it everyday...

So because I get home at night and then I don't have good lightning to make the videos I want, I'm unable to record as frequently as I'd like to.

This is the main reason why I'm starting this blog.

I can still "speak" from my heart and I don't need good lightning or try to look great and spend hours editing; I feel like this is more real.

Now, the concept of this blog was actually suggested by my mother who has been such a huge support for me!

Ever since I started working my life has become a big mess.
Here I'll be posting my adventures through adulthood and optimistically it'll be as entertaining as it sounds!

I hope I got your attention and I hope you'll give me a chance...
Thank you so much if you managed to read this far and hopefully I'll see you around!


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