When you need to save money

So ever since I started saving money to pay for my course I noticed a lot of things I needed/wanted to buy.

It becomes harder to save when your wishlist keeps growing...

First I wanted better clothes, winter was aproaching and I literally had nothing warm enough. This year's winter feels colder than the ones before, I swear!
I wanted a rain-jacket but they're so expensive... Later I found out that the one I was checking had been on sale (30€!!!) and I failed to buy it...
Anyway I started by making sure I had at least money to pay for 4/5 months of my course and only then I started buying warmer and better quality clothing. After that I began saving again because that was all I needed.

It's hard saving money and wanting to go out because you know you have to control your spendings or just not spend at all.

That's what I did.

I stopped going out because I didn't want to waste my money. I started thinking that my course is more important to me and that you don't need money to have fun.

Today I can finally say I collected all the money I need for both my course and for public transport's passport. I honestly can't express how happy that makes me feel.

During this time I have been planning on what I'll be using my money from now on and I can say I'm pretty confident I will manage that!

I hope I inspired you somehow to start saving for the things you want.
And even if your wishlist keeps growing don't forget to do what's the most important thing to you!


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