Time is running faster than me

So... It's been a while.
I've been having really busy days.
Basically my course is ending and I have so many projects to make. One of it is huge!
I don't even have time to make videos anymore, not even post here.


All I can think of is that I literally have so little time to live.

I have been really lucky to have found someone that likes to spend time with me just as much as I and with that we've been together every Saturday since we met. We both have school projects that we try to hurry so we can go out...

I have to say, it has been a really big challenge for me to manage everything.

My work gives me headaches with the many trouble it gives me and the public transports are slowly making me crazier everyday. I literally have a story about how someone irritated me on the bus (or other) everyday!

Again, I'm really lucky to have found someone so nice.
Hopefully our friendship will only grow from here because honestly, I really need someone right now.
So much happened this year and it's only on half way!

Sometimes I fell like time is running faster than me, I can't keep up with everything all together.

I hope this wasn't too depressing, I'm just having a very hard time. See you next time!


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